It’s been almost 10 Years to the day that I checked in for a flight to Switzerland to deliver a presentation to the Top 100 Managers of a global aviation services company on a Performance Management System I developed, when the unimaginable happened!

A volcano eruption in Iceland, grounding all flights into and around Europe resulting in my flight being cancelled. This “Black Swan” event lasted about a week. A volcanic eruption in Iceland affected air travel in South Africa!

Less than 2 years prior, the sub-prime Mortgage practices in the USA resulted in a Global Financial Crisis. Fast forward to 2020, an epidemic in China quickly escalates to a “Global Pandemic” and I don’t need to elaborate, as you are living this crisis as I write this.

Not to detract from the loss of life and the humanitarian challenges, we are currently experiencing an “Economic Catastrophe” that will last for a while.

How long will this last? Your guess is as good as mine.

The harsh reality is that we don’t have control over these things. What we do have control over is how we choose to react and whether we plan for a desired outcome. I’m not sure where I read it (and who to credit), but to ensure resilience one needs to “Plan for the best, but prepare for the worst.”

While the last three weeks and the next two will strain us emotionally and our businesses financially, we unfortunately don’t have control over the Lockdown or the economy. What we do have control over is what we do when the Lockdown is over, and we return to business.

I’m pretty certain that it will not be business as usual. But we must be prepared.

Ariston Global has decided to share the following templates that have been summarised from Ariston’s Strategy and Advisory department that we use for analysis and planning with Clients. Please feel free to utilise these tools to better equip your Business for the unknown future.

· Business Strategy,

· Marketing Strategy; and a

· Risk Assessment.

I hope you find these tools useful.

Suran Moodley

Group MD: Strategy and Organisational Capability


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