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Case Studies

Tax: R10 million Write-Off

After having spent in excess of R 500,000 in professional fees one of the largest Non-Destructive Testing companies in South Africa eventually approached Ariston to assist in finding a solution to an assessment raised against them by the South African Revenue Service. The original assessment was in excess of R 10 million and was ranked in the Top 10 largest debts by Taxpayers within the KwaZulu Natal Region. Ariston studied the assessment and made numerous representations on behalf of the client to South African Revenue Service. The client was eventually awarded a full write-off of the assessment based on the representations and the formulation of arguments proposed to South African Revenue Service by Ariston, thus rendering a balance of zero payable by the client.

Tax: Reduction in tax payable for Engineering firm

Ariston was approached by an Engineering company who was in default with South African Revenue Service to the extent that South African Revenue Service had already instituted legal action in terms of their powers afforded to them to collect arrear taxes. Following a review of the business and the debt, Ariston successfully negotiated a reduction in the tax payable and affordable payment terms that was more acceptable to our client and his budget. The South African Revenue Service received their payments and the client was prevented from being subjected to legal action and crippling repayment terms.

Tax: R26 million saving on personal tax

Whilst representing a client in terms of a Personal Income Tax matter, Ariston discovered a further problem whereby South African Revenue Service had raised an assessment in terms of Donations Tax for an amount in excess of R 27 million against one of the clients company’s. After studying the files and analysing the data pertaining to the merits in which the assessment was raised, Ariston successfully reduced the assessment from R 27 million to R 350 000. Ariston effectively saved the client in excess of R 26 million.

Tax: R340 million tax payable

Ariston has been engaged and is currently representing a Taxpayer with a matter where the total tax payable is in excess of R 340 million. Ariston has assembled a team of legal professionals and is spearheading the defence strategy as well as formulating arguments and opinions. The matter is currently sub-judice.

Human Resources

The Ariston HR Team has successfully established and operated HR and Training Departments for numerous national organisations. In addition various smaller companies have been supported with policy and procedure development and Industrial Relations or special projects.

Notable successes:

  • Designed and accredited a corporate Training Academy
  • Reducing the Workman’s Compensation Levy from 3.85% to 1.16%
  • Increased headcount from 400 employees at 2 offices to 2000 at six offices within two months for an unplanned and business critical project;
  • Obtained SETA funding and introduced learnerships creating employment for 50 unemployed persons as well as tax incentives for the company.
  • Introduced a Workplace Experience program in order to create a pool of staff for contingencies and recruitment due to attrition.
  • Developed a Performance Management system for international for the top 300 managers in a global company.
  • Facilitated the growth of the organisation from 80 employees to approximately 2000;
  • Introduced a Job Evaluation and Salary Grading system;
  • Integrated the Transformation function into HR;
  • Introduced an Employee Wellness programme;
  • Restructured and refocused an existing HR Department.
  • Restructured a small company for efficiency and effectiveness.
Accounting: Identification of unclaimed VAT

On signing up a new client Ariston decided to perform a prior year review, which was unpaid and outside the scope due to the financials not looking correct at face value. This resulted in the identification of unclaimed VAT amounting to in excess of approximately R500k. Ariston is in the process of recovering these funds for the client.

Accounting: 8 years worth of financials

A new client engaged Ariston to perform 8 years worth of financials due to their inability to resolve a few technical challenges. Ariston was able to identify the challenges, provide solutions and generate the financials in one month!

Accounting: Non compliance in terms of statutory returns

On engaging a new client we established that contrary to their belief they were behind 4 years and non-compliant in terms of their statutory returns. We had managed to resolve their challenges within 4 months and have maintained their compliance since.

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